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Walk on Mars like you're there

Take a trip to the Red Planet with RealityCloud, using latest NASA imagery obtained by the Perseverance Mars rover.

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Fly through the
landing zone

The Reality of the Red Planet

See every stone pebble

Sparking our 'Curiosity'

Now, let's be clear about something – we're total nerds. So the Mars Rover was totally on our radar. When we heard that the Mars Rover was creating high-res stereo images – just the kind of material we used to create our 3d models.

After the first high-resolution photos of Mars (Mastcam-Z) were transmitted back to NASA, 688 of those publicly released photos were put together for a test. Not much... but maybe enough to put together a little test. We were curious – like the Mars Rover. We took those 688 images, and plugged them into our main machine – a 64-core, 128-Thread Threadripper 3 from AMD with 256 GB of memory, 8 NVMe drives, and two NVIDIA A6000 GPUs with 96GB of vram.

It worked.

High-detailed 3d Martian rock formation

A Unique 'Opportunity'

Since a chance to see Mars in reality has never really come around before, we were pretty happy to dedicate pretty much our entire working week to making the 3d reconstruction.

While hardly a complete representation, we're pretty happy with the results, and ares still adding more and more detail to the model. (Honestly, at this point, it's getting a little unhealthy.)

In case you're wondering how this was done, it's using a technique called photogrammetry, and a lot of software designed especially for this job. Achieving the high level of detail and accuracy is part of the workflow we've developed working with 3D data, here at RealityCloud.

Looking at the landing site of Mars

Follow Perseverance

Explore the landing site

Oh, and where exactly IS Perseverance? We managed to figure that out from our models, and then checked the official NASA location tracker you see below. Guess what? Perfect match.

It was really cool to know that our data manipulation, work, and modeling were just as accurate as the rocket scientists.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get the best experience?
The RealityCloud viewer, which works best on a laptop or desktop computer in Chrome or Firefox browsers.
How does it work?
It streams what’s ‘in frame’, leaving most of the data on RealityCloud servers. That’s one thing that enables us to deliver such high-resolution imagery for large-scale places.
What can I do to improve performance?
You can chose from different quality settings. RealityCloud is can provide you with realistic imagery, should your device have troubles handling the viewer, try reducing the quality.

RealityCloud is not affiliated with NASA in any way. The images used to create this model are property of NASA. This model is made for the public to explore.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech, ASU
Mars surface with horizon

Mars Metrics

Perseverance on Mars and in the studio

It took a lot of work to convert the original Mars images into the final Mars environment you see here. The model we created was made up of many different images taken by NASA’s Perseverance rover during decent and on the ground.

688 Images of the Mars surface.

70M+ 3D Polygons generated.

20 hours of data processing.

6 cups of coffee per day.

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RealityCloud transforms real places and objects into their digital twins in the cloud.

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On a mission to digitize reality

RealityCloud offers a unique way for people to experience a place, as if actually there. You can move around RealityCloud like a real room – you can walk around a table or change your perspective.

  • Lets architects and designers experience a space in reality
  • Helps creatives build digital environments based on real-world places
  • Allows logistics and event planners to nderstand a space and how they can use it
  • Enable historians and curators to document places and things of historic or cultural significance

RealityCloud environments are created with a lot of work – onsite, in the acquisition process, and off-site, in post-production. Part of our goal as is to streamline that process to make big-data models accessible to more creators and users.

We can go almost anywhere – it’s reality, re-created, in a digitally accessible format, preservable for the ages. But more importantly, as the power of computer processing and speed of data transmission increases, it can become a tool we use in everyday technology.

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