You can touch it?
We can scan it.

Almost everything you can touch and see can be re-created digitally. Objects, buildings, art – big or small, simple or complex.

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Large-scale Scanning

Buildings and Venues

This is where our expertise shows – when it comes to scanning ‘big’ areas, we have the tools and the know-how. Our acquisition team can cover a factory or small venue in as little as a day.

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Protecting Methods

Digitizing History

Our methods are non-destructive, and non-intrusive – there’s no flash, no bright light. It’s the perfect way to digitally preserve art, monuments, or historically significant buildings, like churches or castles.

Digitizing Reality

The complete workflow from real objects to the cloud

What we offer

We take care of all digitization steps from data acquisition to processing and hosting of the models.

  • Data acquisition
    3D Laserscans | Photogrammetry | Drone scans
  • Data processing
    Data cleaning and registering | BIM Models | 3D Models | Virtual Reality
  • Data hosting
    3D point clouds online | photo-realistic 3D Viewer online | Online pictures & videos | Online plans (DWG,….)

What we digitize

Large or small, old or modern - we transform all kinds of structures into 3D models.

  • Objects
    Exhibition pieces of museums | architectural heritage | products | machine parts
  • Landscapes
    Sights | excavation sites | public places | virtual movie sets
  • Buildings
    Event Locations | cultural monuments | construction sites | public buildings | virtual film sets | private buildings
Toys & tools

Consumers can get an up-close, detailed view of every aspect and every side of your product – whether it’s a ski boot, a power drill, or jewelry. We can also pull your scanned products into marketing videos or sizzle reels using a virtual camera – you’ll be able to move your scan (or move around it) any way you want.

Virtual Film Sets

Need something incredible to drop on your greenscreen – but can't budget 10 days on site? Acquire your scene in one day, and take all the time you need in the studio.

Gaming Environments

What looks more real than reality? Well, nothing. Use one of our custom Place Clouds to bring atmosphere and character to your in-game environment.

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